High Pressure Briquetting Machine

⦁ Compact and robust structure
⦁ First class components
⦁ WEG Motor

⦁ Low maintenance cost 


High-pressure briquetting machine is an equipment used to press fine of different raw materials, turning them into briquettes. It has been widely used for briquetting aluminum, magnesium, activated carbon, alumina, bauxite, caustic soda, coal, clay, cryolite, magnesium oxide, fluorite, fertilizers, among others.

Some uses for our briquetting machines:


⦁ Combination of elements to create a new product

• Transform waste into a format that can be reintroduced into the production process

• Facilitate the transportation, handling and storage of raw materials

• Control the emission of fines / pollution.


Compared with other similar products, this briquetting machine has obvious advantages such as compact structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, quick cooling of the product

In order to form the briquette, the pre-press motor adopts the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, the way of the adjustment is manual, and the customer can adjust the speed of rotation to ensure high briquetting rate that insures high efficiency and capacity. After briquetting, the briquette and the wastes are separated by the sieve under the discharge device. The briquette produced can be packed for the next process and the waste will be returned as raw material for the new pressing.



The high pressure briquette can be used for the following raw materials:
⦁ Aluminum,
⦁ Magnesium,
⦁ Activated Carbon,
⦁ Alumina,
⦁ Bauxite,
⦁ Caustic Soda,
⦁ Coal,
⦁ Clay,
⦁ Cryolite,
⦁ Magnesium Oxide,
⦁ Fluorite,
⦁ Fertilizers,
⦁ Other

Operation Principle

As in the figure (see figure 1), the material is placed in the space between the two rollers by the screw, which is installed in the input device. The rollers works at the same speed and in the reverse direction and compress the materials. When a pressure reaches its maximum value in the center line of the rollers, the briquette is shaped. After the material passes through the center line, a forming pressure of the unit becomes lower, and the briquette is discharged by the gravity force.

If the speeds of rotation of the main machine is the same as the speeds of the pre-press machine, the formation of the briquettes will occur at one time. When this does not happens, materials are wasted and should be re-mixed with new materials for further compression. The waste material can not be too large to mix with the raw material. If the waste material is larger than 3 mm, it is better to crush it by 2-3 mm or less. If the waste is too large and returns to press with a ratio of raw material to residual material of more than 50%, you must decelerate the pre-press screw. Otherwise, it will probably be overloaded.

The pre-press machine is driven by the electromagnetic speed motor through the pulley and gear unit. The raw material is placed in the input device under the force of the screw and then is forced into the main machine. As the space between the two rollers is stabilized by the hydraulic cylinder, the raw material of the pre-printing device must be stable, and this can be adjusted by the speed of rotation of the screw. In this way, the briquette formed will have good quality. If the speed of the main machine is higher, the pre-press motor will be overloaded, and if the feed of the raw material is slow, the briquette formed will not have such quality. Therefore, a skilled operator is an important factor to ensure a high production and good shape of briquette


Structure Briefing

1- Pre-pressing Machine

The pre-press machine is driven by the electromagnetic adjustable speed motor, through the pulley and the reducer. The pressure screw is rotated to press the raw materials into the roller space, due to the constant speed of rotation of the electromagnetic motor, when the material enters in the pre-press machine, the quantity is the same as that required for the main machine. A constant feed pressure is released to stabilize the quality of the briquette, if the material is over-fed, the engine of the pre-press machine will stop due to overload, and will

not produce briquettes. Therefore, qualified operators are important for the operation work well.


2-Main Machine


The main machine is driven by the electromagnetic motor, through pulley and the cylindrical gear speed reducer, and via coupling to drive the rollers. The division of the gear guarantees the synchronization of the two rollers, and the hydraulic cylinder lifts the roller bearing. In case of overload or hard materials, the driven rollers will slide automatically to ensure the safety of the main machine.


3-Separation Machine


The separation machine is designed with simple mesh screen and double layer sieve. the sieve is designed and installed according to the users; And it can be lengthened by the user to meet the condition of the workplace.


4-Oil Pressure Pump


Currently the briquette machine mainly adopts eletric oil pumps DBD0.8 and DBD1.1 the oil pump, oil tank, manometer and valves form a unit, and only need to connect the inlet and outlet of the oil tube.



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